A combination of KINesiology and INtegrative Medicine that helps you to CONnect to your healthy, balanced, true self and allows you to REcalibrate.

Functional Medicine

The art of seeing the person rather than the dis-ease & achieving health through a holistic approach rather then restricting recuperation to conventional medicine alone.


The art of uncovering suppressed emotions without stirring them up too much, but gently disarming them.

Chinese Medicine

The art of understanding the laws and patterns of Meridian – Organ relations, finding imbalances and applying them to the human body.

CranioSAcral Therapy

The art of relieving emotional and physical stress and tension through gently working with the flow of the cerebro-spinal fluid.


The art of releasing shock and trauma from the nervous system through a very gentle chiropractic like treatment protocol.

Life Coaching

The art of offering guidance to be able to see a different perspective of a current situation.


ReKinNect to Life is an integrative healing practice
that offers several different modalities including
remote sessions and GP house visits.