I had a remote session with Katja last week after 48 hours of the worst migraine. I felt a huge change during the session when my pain reduced by 70% and by the next day it was 100% gone and I felt great. Highly recommend remote sessions. My kids and I have them and we all feel the difference right away. Thanks so much
I have had some moments of panic in the last 2 days. From pregnancy, postponement of work and general fear associated with the pandemic. Thanks goodness Katja @rekinnect_ was able to give me a remote session over WhatsApp video call. This woman is incredible - she is my first port of call when it comes to alignment and general well-being. Thanks you Katja! Katja and Rafiq from ReKinNect have helped me on numerous occasions and I suggest their skills to everyone in need!
Kinesiologists are super heroes with super powers! After one treatment with Katja, my dust allergy was gone for 3 months.
Luca (15yrs)
Two weeks ago, I was at my wits end. Pain, pain, pain. I have endured pain for y-e-a-r-s. I have an endo Prosthesis in my right leg and have over compensated with my left side.The combination of treatments Katja gave me, as well as the acupuncture with Dr Rafiq Harneker has changed my life. I feel like living again (...) Thank you to two increadible healers.
I appreciate... This was the modality that came out of a session with Katja last week. What an amazing session, as Katja not only incorporates Kinesiology but also N.O.T, Heart energy field, Cranio sacral and more. What an amazing gift to have all theses modalities from one person. I will definitely recommend Katja more to my friends and in my crystal shop.