Video Consults

The Kinesiologist will surrogate for the client while being in constant verbal and visual contact via skype, face time or whats app video call. During the session the Kinesiologist will use her own muscle to find imbalances in the person they are working with. 

Same like sending a text from phone to phone, it is not necessary that both phones are at the same location. The signal does not care if the receiver is in the same room or even on the same continent. Our bodies are energetic by nature. Our electro-magnetic heart field is huge Meridian lines on our body are pure energetic currant Synapses in our brain send out electrical impulses to the nerve cells so our body can function.

All this is energy information, energy flow (also called Chi, Prana, life force etc). Our bodies are made to receive and transmit information, and just like the cell phone, it does not matter to the energy where you are in space. Ever went to pick up the phone and without looking at the screen knew who was the caller? Or thinking about somebody random you have not thought of in a long time and just that day they send you a text? Distance healing works because energy is energy.

It is possible because of Quantum entanglement (2 objects do not have to be in the same room together to have a relation to each other) In practical terms this means: Every dis-ease starts with an energetical imbalance. Distance sessions work with the mental, emotional and energetical imbalances which will then filter through to the physical.

To clear those imbalances, the client might be asked to hold specific points (acupuncture points, neuro-lymphatic or neuro-vascular points), do certain eye movements, visualize some colour or picture or maybe rub a specific point on the head, hand or foot. 

Subconscious or suppressed emotions that will show might be related to past or present situations, will be brought to awareness and the practitioner might apply a hypnotic suggestion to change the clients perception or to retrain the nervous system to accept a new pattern of behaviour.