Functional Medicine

Built on the foundations of allopathic and natural medicine. It's holistic in the way it views individuals. It takes into account each symptom, disease pattern, progression of diagnosis and all the imbalances that may be contributing to an individual’s illness and addresses the root cause of it. Functional medicine draws upon a wide berth of treatment modalities to determine the most effective method or methods needed to get the patient well.

Craniosacral Therapy

The use of gentle touch to work with the soft tissue structures of the body and the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid between the head (Cranio)and the end of the spine(sacrum). CST is able to relieve compressions in head, neck and back, soothes pain and can relieve emotional as well as physical stress and tension. It can help restore cranial mobility and release restrictions which in turn restores the balance in the organs and the rest of the body.


The scientific knowledge of the functioning of the muscles and the Central Nervous System to identify areas of blockage and imbalance. The bodies bio-chemical response to stress is a dip in muscle tone. This is why you tell a person to sit down before you deliver bad news, as that person may experience an all over weakness in his muscle system and with that a danger to fall. The body reacts with this dip in muscle tone even for small stressors like the location of an imbalanced acupuncture point or a compromised muscle. A Kinesiologist will pick up this imbalance on the smallest possible scale to identify a particular stressor and will then scan through a list of balancing options to find, guided by the muscle, which option would be best balance for the nervous system to not react to that stressor again in the same way. We can often not influence the stress we are exposed to, but we can decide how we are going to react to it. A Kinesiologist will gently unmask hidden emotional blockages, defuse powerful self-destructive behavior and infuse new beneficial programmes into the nervous system and the subconscious mind. As a result, the pattern and the behaviour have changed and thus health and healing have improved.

Kinesiologists believe that 80% of all diseases are caused by emotions that were not dealt with appropriately.

Why Kinesiology?

Kinesiology works on a wide range of issues, including: Strengthening of the Immune system Migraines and headaches Stress Digestive disorders Back and Neck-pain Shock and Trauma Depression Anxiety / Low self-esteem Infertility Colic in infants Learning difficulties ADD/ADHD Sensory Processing Disorders Post Traumatic Stress and many more Kinesiology does not diagnose or prescribe - it helps the body to heal itself. Kinesiology does not interfere with faith or religious beliefs - it works within the realm of ones belief systems.

Kinesiology Modalities

Neurotraining is a combination of techniques such as Kinesiology, Acupressure, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and many more. The Nervous System has predictable ways of learning about life. Consciously, people dont pay much attention to the Nervous System, but it might have developed patterns of behaviour not suitable for coping with specific stressful situations in life. A Neuro-Trainer will access the subconscious through muscle testing / Kinesiology and provide it with better coping mechanisms. The Nervous System will then act out the new options as if they had always been there and as a result will change the established patterns to deal with a specific stressful situation. This has an effect on our way of thinking, feeling, acting in specific circumstances and even on how we create life patterns. Consultants in Neuro-Training follow regulated and formalised, competency based training which is accredited with the International Association of Neuro-Trainers (IANT), and their local NT Associations. In South Africa, accredited members are registered with the Association of Kinesiology, South Africa (ASKSA).

Kinesiology Modalities

Touch for health (TFH) was the first Kinesiology Modality developed. It is the most widely used System of Kinesiology in the world. It uses Meridians as well as acupressure and other reflex points to improve posture, as well as mental and emotional well being. It works closely with the Chinese model of the 5 Elements and has the power to resolve blockages in energy flow between the Elements. Neural-Oganizing Technique (N.O.T) is a non-invasive, chiropractic/kinesiology based treatment protocol. It is designed to recognise any disorganisation within the neural programmes. The treatment protocols then specifically reorganise the central Nervous System. N.O.T is based on the knowledge aquired from Applied Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Chiropractic and others, to find the physical triggers for a specific problem and to support the structural balance of the body. N.O.T. works directly on all systems relating to a fight/flight and freeze response. It has the ability to release trauma and shock from the nervous system and thus avoiding anxiety, post traumatic stress syndrome, and flash backs that negatively affect your well being, happiness and Immune System. N.O.T. works for all structural misalignments, back pain, headache, hip and knee problems, it reduces pain in the body, relaxes tension in the TMJ (clenching, grinding teeth) and it balances the endocrine system. N.O.T. effects ADD/ADHD in a very positive way and deals with learning difficulties. N.O.T. treatment is fast, effective and very gentle.

Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The art and science of understanding the laws and patterns of Meridian – Organ relations as they apply to the human body. Simplified, the human form is like an electricity grid anchored by points of electromagnetic wells called acupuncture points. These points and meridians or power lines traverse the body and invest in corresponding organs from which they derive their names. A TCM diagnosis focuses on disturbances of Qi, which is life force or life energy. Qi regulates mental, emotional, physical and energetic health. Qi circulates along pathways called Meridians. A TCM doctor diagnoses those imbalances through observation of several different pulses, patterns on the tongue, posture and demeanour. TCM is a 5000 year old philosophy about the connectedness of the world and the body. We can view humans as microcosms of a larger universe, interconnected with nature and its forces.Health is maintaining balance in the circulation of Qi. All Dis-ease begins with an imbalance in the energetic body. A TCM doctor treats the main root cause of an illness and not just the symptom.


A key component of TCM. It improves the flow of electromagnetic energy along the meridians thus healing the physical form by stimulating specific points along a Meridian, and acupuncture point. If the energy flow of Qi is blocked, it causes disruption in our energetic system, which acupuncture can restore by inserting a very fine needle into that point. If one is scared of needles, the points can also be stimulated with pressure, UV or laser lights, tuning forks or crystals.

Life Coaching

Encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues.

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